Auto Decisioning Platform

Real-Time Decisioning

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Does your business need to move to the next level of Auto Decisioning?

The award winning ADP is a powerful decision engine builder that puts you in control of credit rule changes. ADP allows operational/credit risk staff to quickly control changes through a simple user interface. No more I.T. delays!

ADP can help your business

If your business already uses automated decisioning,
you probably understand the challenges:

Delays to deployment of credit rule changes

Roll-backs due to release errors

Maintenance of multiple 3rd party integrations

ADP is feature rich and is improving all the time. Current features include:

  • Real-time champion/challenge mode to pitch one engine theory against another
  • Capability to build proprietary credit scores and plug-in to machine learning to automatically recalibrate score calculations
  • Handles multi-products/streams/brands with complete ease
  • Risk based pricing
  • Complete and comprehensive control to create/edit and launch revised policy decision engines

Case Studies

The number of satisfied customers continues to grow as does the volume of case studies. Click here to view some of our most recent success stories.

Let us show you just how easy it is to acquire and use ADP. Get in touch to arrange a free, no obligation demonstration.

Reasons to use our ADP service

  • Build your automated rules in a simple User Interface
  • Run ‘live’ champion challenger campaigns
  • Fully hosted cloud solution
  • Apply changes to ‘live’  instantly
  • ADP is integrated with all of the major credit referencing agencies
  • Connects to your existing websites and loan management systems through one simple API
  • Provided and supported by a fully FCA licensed firm
  • No ongoing I.T. involvement necessary