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Our Open Banking platform OpenBankVision provides sophisticated bank account level transaction data instantly via a suite of modern and secure APIs.

Whether you are a lender, financial services provider or you simply need solid, intelligent and secure financial insight into your customer’s finances OpenBankVision has the answer.

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Since 2011 our data analysts have been immersed in working with bank transactional data to provide actionable insights and analysis to assist credit providers with managing risk and regulatory compliance.

We have used that experience to deliver OpenBankVision (OBV), an uncompromising, fast and secure solution which, quite simply is one step ahead.

Here's how it works

Click the right and left arrows to walk through the steps of the OBV process


Your Site




Step 01

The Details Page

We create your standalone, branded page through which users will be able to apply.

Step 02

Choose your bank/building society

Here, the user will be able to select their bank/building society from a wide range of choices.

Step 02 (alternate)

Choose your bank/building society

Instead of passing through your application to select their bank, other options exist, for example: jumping straight to the bank selection page in Scruple.

Step 03


The user is presented with a list of features and required permissions to continue the process, with the option to cancel if desired.

Step 04

Security Login

The user is transported securely to the login of their chosen bank.

Step 05

Account Selection

Still within their own bank, the user will select the bank account(s) to which they wish to allow read-only access.

Step 06


Before leaving their bank, the user is asked to confirm the requested permissions.

Step 07


Pass or fail, the user is directed to a page which details the results of their consent authorisation.

Step 08

Final Outcome

As the final step, the user will be directed to a page of your choosing in accordance with their outcome.

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