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Outsourced Credit Risk

If you are looking for an expert credit risk team to deliver an effective credit risk strategy, on a specific project or as a long term trusted partner, LendingMetrics can help.

We have a dedicated team of experienced analysts, familiar with all aspects of automated decisioning and versed in multi bureau data sources.

The first consultation is always free so you have nothing to lose.

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In order to maximise the effectiveness of credit data it should be combined with credit risk and analytical expertise.

David Wylie

Sales and Marketing Director
(Perth Western Australia)

Our consultancy services include:

  • Live data test or retro analysis
  • Customer acquisition channels and customer journey improvements
  • Bureau cost comparisons
  • Scorecard building
  • One-off or ongoing on-site resource available

To have a complete view of consumers credit commitments and be confident you are decisioning them fairly, a multi-bureau credit strategy may be the solution.

The LendingMetrics consulting team have a vast knowledge over all of the major CRAs, so we can help build a detailed credit policy whatever the strategy.