Real-Time Credit Data

Lightning fast data

A true real-time (within seconds) data sharing platform for credit providers to report lead, application and loan information; a comprehensive solution for the online world.

TrueTime® is the only CRA to report all 4 key stages addressing FCA requirements to treat the customer fairly, promote responsible lending and prevent over indebtedness. These four key stages are:


Control lead costs & hold providers accountable


Identify real-time fraud

Decisions in principle

Assess if other approved loans are awaiting funding

Closed and open loans

Assess affordability and past loan performance

Lending decisions made easy

  • 100% Live lending data
  • Knowledge and guidance
  • Clear and structured reports
  • Transparent rules
  • Unrivaled intelligence and velocity

Easy Free data share Integration

Reporting into TrueTime is free and LendingMetrics will provide onsite development assistance to help integrate the service for both searching and reporting if required.

Lenders can report in regular daily batch (same format as other major CRA batch reporting files) or true real-time. LendingMetrics has been offering the most comprehensive real-time data solution available in the UK market since 2009 and has been built based on true real-time principles. In that regard it remains the leading technical solution and is totally future-proofed should regulations change further in the coming months and years. Notwithstanding this, in consultation with our partners at Equifax we have taken the decision to further widen the appeal and reach of the TrueTime database by agreeing to accept a basic daily reporting file from some lenders who elect to commence reporting to TrueTime.

Free Retros and Data-Tests Available

The key to the power of the TrueTime database is it's live and comprehensive reporting methods which are maintained to the highest levels of integrity, security and accuracy. The lending industry has entered a significant phase in its evolution now that it is under the control of the FCA. TrueTime directly addresses the FCA's position on real-time data sharing, responsible lending and affordability checks, by highlighting when multiple loans are being taken. This identifies high velocity fraud, helps to maximise conversion rates and reduces default rates. TrueTime enables the lender to have a real-time view of the consumer's current and potential indebtedness by presenting an accurate and granular picture of their loan performance, application and underwriting data, helping to minimise credit risk to the lender.