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credit referencing for a new era

The speed with which credit and financial services are being delivered has never been faster. Consumer expectations demand that decisions must be made more quickly than ever before. Credit providers are under pressure to deliver speed whilst maintaining risk integrity.

The introduction of automated lending decisions bring huge opportunity for the financial services sector to quickly deliver increased volume with reduced overhead. But with such high velocity decisions come high velocity risks. Fraud and credit risks are well known but increasingly it is the compliance risk that is taking centre stage. Regulators are requiring credit providers to constantly improve their assessment of the borrower’s ability to repay debt and thereby prevent over indebtedness. Easier said than done when loans can be granted in seconds!

LendingMetrics is a new breed of Credit Reference Agency and TrueTime® is a new type of data delivery. Created for the ever faster digital world of lending, our services run in real-time. The data we supply is the data we receive, in real-time. So say goodbye to dated data and say hello to TrueTime. For more information call us now on 00 44 (0) 845 544 2823

LendingMetrics Licensed by the FCA

LendingMetrics is a registered UK credit referencing agency with strong core values, committed to robust protection of data. We are dedicated to helping the market continue to evolve and build trust with UK consumers, whilst at the same time working closely with the FCA in understanding their requirements to regulate the market responsibly.

LendingMetrics Trusted Partner

As a trusted partner providing a confidential analytics and credit risk consulting service we aim to add value to your consumer finance business, utilising our unique position and knowledge base within the real-time credit sector. A bespoke and profesional service giving you a competitive advantage through analytics and knowledge.

LendingMetrics Equifax Partnership

Equifax has partnered with LendingMetrics to deliver the very best real-time solution for the financial credit sector.
This will increase protection for consumers by providing greater visibility of consumer financial commitments. This is an exciting partnership which will help strengthen the financial sector.

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Automated Decisioning Platform

Real-Time Decisioning Made Easy

Powerful, fast and VERY affordable... Does your business need to move to the next level of Auto Decisioning? ADP is a powerful decision engine builder that puts you in control of credit rule changes. ADP allows operational/credit risk staff to quickly control changes through a simple user interface. Your I.T. team will be free to do something more productive!

Isn’t it time to take a look at our award winning SAAS platform?

Watch the videos below to learn more.

If your business already uses automated decisioning, you probably understand the challenge of I.T. delays, multiple integrations and COST! If you are considering auto decisioning make sure you talk to us first.

ADP solves all of these problems and many, many more. Similar products have a very hefty price tag but with ADP we keep the costs much much lower.

Let us show you just how easy it is to use and license ADP. Call or email for a free, no obligation demonstration.

  • Build your automated rules in a simple GUI
  • No I.T. involvement necessary
  • Apply changes to ‘live’ instantly
  • Fully hosted cloud solution
  • Run ‘Live’ champion challenger campaigns
  • ADP is fully integrated with all the major Credit Reference Agencies
  • Connects to your existing websites and loan management systems through one simple API.
  • Provided and supported by a fully FCA authorised firm
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Instant Account Verification Service

Better than real bank statements

• Eradicates the risk of fraudulent bank statements
• Instant & accurate identity and bank account verification

Our award winning proprietary concept combines real-time granular bank account data with unrivalled industry knowledge and analysis to deliver the most powerful affordability and anti-fraud product available in the marketplace today.

  • The future of on-line lending decisions
  • The most up to date intelligence available
  • Giving lenders the decisioning edge

Bank Vision provides proof of identity, multiple account verification, current balances and up to 90-days of bank transactions.

Bank Vision’s revolutionary Instant Account Verification service helps lenders make critical loan decisions quickly and accurately, increasing the speed of processing the application and removing the need for the applicant to manually send their Bank Statement.

The service is provided through a 3rd party and resides on powerful and secure servers employing several layers of redundancy to the structure of the service, ensuring that it is robustly protected against threats including hacking, communication outage and hardware failures.

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Real-Time Credit Data

A true real-time (within seconds) data sharing platform for credit providers to report lead, application and loan information; a comprehensive solution for the online world. TrueTime® is the only CRA to report all 4 key stages addressing FCA requirements to treat the customer fairly, promote responsible lending and prevent over indebtedness. These four key stages are:

· Leads
Control lead costs & hold providers accountable

· Applications
Identify real-time fraud

· Decisions in principle
Assess if other approved loans are awaiting funding

· Closed and open loans
Assess affordability and past loan performance

Easy Free data share Intergration

Reporting into TrueTime is free and LendingMetrics will provide onsite development assistance to help integrate the service for both searching and reporting if required.

Lenders can report in regular daily batch (same format as other major CRA batch reporting files) or true real-time. LendingMetrics has been offering the most comprehensive real-time data solution available in the UK market since 2009 and has been built based on true real-time principles. In that regard it remains the leading technical solution and is totally future-proofed should regulations change further in the coming months and years. Notwithstanding this, in consultation with our partners at Equifax we have taken the decision to further widen the appeal and reach of the TrueTime database by agreeing to accept a basic daily reporting file from some lenders who elect to commence reporting to TrueTime.

Free Retros and Data-Tests Available

The key to the power of the TrueTime database is it's live and comprehensive reporting methods which are maintained to the highest levels of integrity, security and accuracy. The lending industry has entered a significant phase in its evolution now that it is under the control of the FCA. TrueTime directly addresses the FCA's position on real-time data sharing, responsible lending and affordability checks, by highlighting when multiple loans are being taken. This identifies high velocity fraud, helps to maximise conversion rates and reduces default rates. TrueTime enables the lender to have a real-time view of the consumer's current and potential indebtedness by presenting an accurate and granular picture of their loan performance, application and underwriting data, helping to minimise credit risk to the lender.

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Equifax Data Delivering Bespoke Solutions

Providing a competitive advantage through analytics and knowledge. The Equifax data services complement TrueTime® by providing lenders with a complete solution for assessing the risk of a loan applicant, helping them to meet the latest FCA regulatory obligations on affordability checks, fraud and data sharing.

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Outsourced Credit Risk Consultancy Service

In order to maximise the effectiveness of credit data it should be combined with credit risk and analytical expertise. If you are looking for an expert credit risk team to deliver an effective credit risk strategy, on a specific project or as a long term trusted partner, LendingMetrics can help. We have a dedicated team of experienced analysts, familiar with all aspects of automated decisioning and versed in multi bureau data sources.


Our consultancy services include:

  • Live data test or retro analysis
  • Customer acquisition channels and customer journey improvements
  • Bureau cost comparisons
  • Scorecard building
  • One-off or ongoing on-site resource available

To have a complete view of consumers credit commitments and be confident you are decisioning them fairly, a multi-bureau credit strategy may be the solution.

The LendingMetrics consulting team have a vast knowledge over all of the major CRAs, so we can help build a detailed credit policy whatever the strategy.

The first consultation is always free so you have nothing to lose. For more information call us now on 00 44 (0) 845 544 2823

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Get In Touch By Email Or You Can Call Us On 00 44 (0) 845 544 2823

If you are interested in the services that we provide or have a question regarding one of our products then please don't hesitate to contact us. All our staff are extremely knowledgeable and are here to help so why not give us a ring or fill out the contact form below.

LendingMetrics Managing Director

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Managing Director

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Sales and Marketing Director
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LendingMetrics Partnership Manager

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Partnership Manager

LendingMetrics Sales & Account Manager

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Senior Developer

LendingMetrics compliance officer

Paul McLachlan

Compliance Officer

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