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Automated Decisioning Platform

Real-Time Decisioning Made Easy

Powerful, fast and VERY affordable... Does your business need to move to the next level of Auto Decisioning? ADP is a powerful decision engine builder that puts you in control of credit rule changes. ADP allows operational/credit risk staff to quickly control changes through a simple user interface. Your I.T. team will be free to do something more productive!

So how does the ADP process work?

An applicant arrives at your website, open
Repeat customer application
New customer application from SEO
New customer from lead generator
Or... Customer from another source
Your website tells ADP all about the application
ADP spends a few seconds working things out...
It may ask a few people for help.
automated decisioning platform diagram
I need a second to think about this...
OK, here’s my answer.
NO (but let's sell the lead)