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Instant Account Verification Service

Better than real bank statements

• Eradicates the risk of fraudulent bank statements
• Instant & accurate identity and bank account verification

Our proprietary concept combines real-time granular bank account data with unrivalled industry knowledge and analysis to deliver the most powerful affordability and anti-fraud product available in the marketplace today.

  • The future of on-line lending decisions
  • The most up to date intelligence available
  • Giving lenders the decisioning edge

The service provides proof of identity, multiple account verification, current balances and up to 90-days of bank transactions.

Bank Vision’s revolutionary Instant Account Verification service helps lenders make critical loan decisions quickly and accurately, increasing the speed of processing the application and removing the need for the applicant to manually send their Bank Statement.

The service is provided through a 3rd party and resides on powerful and secure servers employing several layers of redundancy to the structure of the service, ensuring that it is robustly protected against threats including hacking, communication outage and hardware failures.